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The Make It Fun Guide to Poetry


From iambic pentameter to nursery rhymes, the gamut of poetical tradition and expression is examined with clarity in this work. This guide is full of useful, simple explanations and helpful examples to support teachers wanting to communicate this complex topic and to students working to understand it.

This volume would make a useful primary or secondary classroom text and is a must for any student or teacher of English.

A Journey to Health: Overcoming Inflammatory Bowel Disease


A surprisingly engaging discussion of the journey from diagnosis, through serious illness, and finally to recovery is recounted here in a style that has been described as "reading like a novel."  Useful for those dealing with these kinds of illnesses and informative for family and friends trying to better understand what sufferers of auto-immune diseases such as Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis go through, this book offers practical ideas to improve one's health and general well-being, and, perhaps, as the author did, to recover completely from the disease.  As his gastroenterologist told the author after a routine colonoscopy, about two years after his recovery, "If I hadn't been the one to diagnose you, I would never have known that you had ever had the disease."

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