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Tales of a Reluctant Psychic

By Mari Schoenzeit

Fun, funny, and often exciting, these stories of Mari's journey from wanting her psychic gifts to disappear to learning to appreciate their helpfulness and value, this book reads more like a novel than a memoir.


Written in a relaxed, breezy style, this book aims to support the development of the reader's own intuitive talents while providing an entertaining read.


In the end, each voyager has the opportunity to make her or his own connection to soul, to inner wisdom and vision, and to living life from a place of deeper meaning and purpose.

Fear Less: 

From Fear to Peace


By Mari Schoenzeit

The Quantum Living-Quantum Mind Series for Transformation: Volume 1

This first book in a series of seven volumes guides readers in ways to clear fear out of their emotional lives, from their thoughts and beliefs, and from their daily experience.

As fear is uncovered and released, a lightness of being gradually replaces the tense, constricted feelings created when one lives with fear as a near-constant companion or as a regular, but unwanted, visitor.

Instead, through the investigation of the ideas presented in this work and the practice of the many useful exercises provided, readers will discover that they feel more relaxed, creative, and inspired to live fully and to pursue their goals and dreams.

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