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Self Less

By Mari Schoenzeit

The Quantum Living-Quantum Mind Series for Transformation: Volume 7

Release Date: January 2023

The ego is heavy and dense.  It creates struggle and stress in our daily experience, upheaval in our relationships, and invites a constant stream of problems, needs, and drama into our lives.

This volume helps readers overcome the tendency to personalize the words and actions of others, discovering a way of living that clears reliance on the small, frightened sense of self and instead leaning into living as the expansive, creative, and peaceful beings we were meant to be.

Mi monstruo y yo: Learn Spanish with Your Dragon and Other Monsters!

By Amy Sellin, Ph.D. and Ellen Hartsfield, M.A.


Release Date: 2023

Much like the introductory French book in this same series, this textbook and workbook for students of Spanish can be used in classrooms from college to middle school as well as by independent learners and home-schoolers.  In addition to the text, over two hundred online materials such as quizzes, matching and multiple choice activities, flash cards, hangman, concentration, and Jeopardy-style games, integrate with and accompany the text.


A second website provides slideshows, sound files to accompany vocabulary study, and activities such as dialogues which teachers and students can use for meaningful practice and engagement.


This website and its slideshows have links to interesting readings, online materials, and videos.  Extra crossword puzzles and worksheets, a supplemental answer key, activities that go with the movies featured in the textbook, and much more create a stimulating, varied, and interactive language-learning experience.

The Make It Fun Guide to Hamlet
By Larry K. Hartsfield, Ph.D.

Release Date: 2023

Guiding teachers, students, and independent readers alike, this book helps to bring Shakespeare's best-known play to life with meaningful discussion and exploration of ways to interpret theme, character, and plot.  Of course, plenty of interactive exercises to engage with the play in new ways are included as well.

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