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Book Titles

Current book titles available by Wolfdancer Publishing:

Here are more of the 10 titles currently available from Wolfdancer Publishing.  All titles can be purchased directly through Amazon. Kindle versions of most books may also be purchased through Amazon.

Thank you for your interest and your support!

Click on this button to visit the website created to accompany this French textbook.

This textbook and workbook combine grammatical explanation and practice with fun activities to accompany songs and movies. Crossword puzzles, conversations, dialogues, dictation, an answer key, links to videos and much more are accompanied by online materials ranging from games and quizzes to flash cards and multiple choice practice.


A website provides lots of slideshows, sound files for vocabulary and activities, worksheets, and links to readings and videos to accompany the text.

Designed for teachers and students alike, this guide to getting the most out of the play, Julius Caesar, contains something for everyone.

Teachers will find plenty of activities to inspire and engage the students in their classrooms, from college to middle school.  With a scene-by-scene discussion of the play and its major themes, symbols, and plot, as well as an exploration of historical context, teachers will be ready to discuss this play with confidence.

Students will find everything they need to read the play with understanding.

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