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  Upcoming Titles

 Titles to be released in 2021-2023:

Pain Less 

By Mari Schoenzeit

The Quantum Living-Quantum Mind Series for Transformation: Volume 2

Release Date: March 2021

How can we reduce our experience of pain, tension, discomfort, and tightness in the body?

This volume introduces readers to a range of techniques, from tapping to somatic awareness, to help them steadily reduce pain and move toward flexibility, greater ease, and deeper relaxation in their bodies.


Numerous exercises and methods are presented here to decrease and clear away pain, whether in the form of headaches, taut shoulders, or lower back pain, or wherever and however aches and pains manifest in the body.


Readers will discover that as they reduce their experience of physical pain, their emotional struggles and upheavals greatly diminish as well.  They'll further find that as physical and emotional discomfort subsides, their thoughts move along happier trajectories and their daily lives become easier, increasingly relaxed and fun, and more successful. 


Readers are guided through various activities to clear out pain and tension so they feel more comfortable and at peace in their bodies and in their daily lives.

Upgrade–Wired for Joy:
A User’s Manual for a
Happier Life
By Ellen Hartsfield

Release Date: June 2021

Clever and engaging, this fun and funny self-help guide uses the metaphor of technological change to entertain with stories of personal growth, presenting ideas and techniques to release the past and claim the future you want.

Defense Less 

By Mari Schoenzeit

The Quantum Living-Quantum Mind Series for Transformation: Volume 3

Release Date: January 2022

The ego, the false, limited, and frightened sense of self, is held in place through our defense mechanisms.  This ego is constructed of a range of negative, fearful, and unhealthy patterns.

As we begin to recognize these ego-based illusions and unhelpful patterns in ourselves, we can start to clear them from the body-mind.  We challenge the ego's right to act as a destructive force in our lives.  We heal the egoic personality and thereby move ourselves forward toward greater career and academic success, stronger, happier relationships, and deeper peace and contentment in our daily lives.

As we stop defending our little egos, our higher selves and our true goals and aspirations begin to manifest.  A more joyful sense of path and purpose begin to lead us forward toward more profound achievement, contentment, and wisdom.

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