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Tous mes montres! Mastering French with My Dragon and Other Monsters!

By Ellen Hartsfield, M.A.


Release Date: 2022

This French textbook and workbook is the second volume in a comprehensive French language-learning series.  The text is accompanied by over 250 online activities, including flashcards, games, quizzes, grammar practice, Jeopardy-style activities, and much more! In addition to the textbook and online games and other materials, the third part of this French method involves a webpage whose materials and activities support this textbook and workbook combination and bring them to life with photos, listening activities, slideshows, links to videos and interesting sites, activities to accompany movies and songs, grammar practice, extra worksheets, crossword puzzles, answer keys, and more quizzes and exams.  There is a small, one-time charge to access the materials on this course website.


Tested for five years in college classrooms with great success, this three-part learning system can be used from middle school to college as well as by home-schoolers and by independent learners of all ages.


This second volume in the French series is intended for study during the second semester of college French or the second and third years of high school French. In addition, along with the first book, Mon Monstre et Moi: Learn French with Your Dragon and Other Monsters!, this text covers an entire challenging and entertaining middle school French curriculum.


Designed to be fun, engaging, clear, helpful, entertaining, and interactive, this book, the online materials that integrate with the text's content, and the many additional tools and materials accessible through the website created for this text, all combine to deliver the most modern, comprehensive, and useful tool for learning French available today.

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