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Effort Less

By Mari Schoenzeit

The Quantum Living-Quantum Mind Series for Transformation: Volume 6

Release Date: 2022

How can we learn to stop struggling through our daily lives, arguing with traffic patterns, unhappy with the weather, and encountering friction at work and at home?

This volume helps readers find the "flow state" in their lives. Through stories, exercises, and examples, this book teaches readers how to clear out obstacles, discover right timing, and develop greater balance and ease in their lives. 

Untitled and Unnamed
By Ellen Hartsfield
Release Date: December 2021

This novel traces a modern Penelope as she trades places with Odysseus and embarks upon a voyage through wild and uncharted lands.

Funny and insightful, Penelope, nicknamed Lexi, boards a boat to research tall trees with a group of fellow travelers.

These sailors encounter sirens, a cyclops, and other dangers as they try to navigate difficult waters and find their way home.

The Make It Fun Guide to The Tempest
By Larry K. Hartsfield, Ph.D.

Release Date: 2022

This book provides a clear and information-packed guide to Shakespeare's The Tempest for teachers, students, book clubs, and the avid theater-goer. Designed to make the play and its time period meaningful and accessible, this guide also contains a discussion of films on the play and a range of classroom activities for all ages.

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