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Our Titles

Academic, literary, spiritual, healing, entertaining...

Our current publications range from a first-year French textbook and workbook, a guide to reading and teaching poetry, several guides to understanding and teaching Shakespeare, books on personal transformation, poetry,

and much more. Wolfdancer Publishing seeks to publish high-quality books that awaken curiosity and engage the mind.

Newest Title!

Fear Less:

Countdown From Fear to Peace

By Mari Schoenzeit

The Quantum Living-Quantum Mind Series for Transformation: Volume 1

Powerful and engaging, this guide to clearing fear from your life is full of helpful exercises, activities, and ideas that teach you to systematically remove fear, tension, anxiety, and stress from thoughts, emotions, and the places in the body in which it is held.

Use this book to improve career success, academic performance, and interpersonal relationships.  As fear is cleared, life becomes easier and more fun.  As fear is released, creativity increases, peace expands, and goals and dreams are easier to pursue and achieve.

Started by college faculty, Larry and Ellen Hartsfield, Wolfdancer Publishing seeks to publish quality works, including poetry, fiction, self-help, books for teacher support and student success, young adult literature, spirituality, and more.

Tales of a Reluctant Psychic

By Mari Schoenzeit

The trials and mishaps of an unwilling intuitive are recounted with humor and, at times, incredulity, as the author relates strange stories and an evolving world view that is expanding into the fringe and beyond as experience after experience stretch her belief to the breaking point.

Current Titles:
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